Yoga Mat

Ayurvedic Cotton + Gum Mat

De Uria x Bali Yoga Shop proudly presents…

Eco Organic Fairtrade Handwoven Yoga Mat.

  • Ethically made and handwoven in India
  • Organic cotton and natural rubber
  • Naturally dyed using Ayurvedic herbs
  • Washable, foldable and light to carry: 950g.
  • It’s non-slippery.
  • Dimensions: 185cm by 68cm by 2mm.
  • Plastic Free, Vegan-Friendly

Ayurvedic Cotton + Gum Mats are machine washable at low temperature without detergent.
If you take care of your Ayurvedic Cotton + Gum Mat as indicated, they will last longer and love you even more for it! If you must dry your mat in the dryer, please use low temperature and short cycle.

Choose a colour depending on your needs:

  • The Aubergine Yoga Mat is harmonising.
  • The Coral Yoga Mat (Red Sandalwood and Rubia Cordifolia) is energising and detoxifying.
  • The Grey Mat (Vetiver and Triphala) is relaxing and grounding.


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