Welcome to Bali Yoga Shop! A one-stop shop for all things yoga, but not limited to. Bali yoga shop was founded with the intention of providing practical designs for head-to-toe basics for yoga and daily wear. All of our products are locally made, with the good intention to express and support the spirit of Bali.

We are redefining our responsibility by empowering local producers through localised manufacturing, fair wage, human impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Our Materials
We set about high-quality sourcing products that are made carefully from the curated material, responsibly to those who make it, and with consideration to our customers.

Our Process
In our efforts to find the right partners for fabric and production, we spend months finding the best local producers and manufacturers within Bali. Defined as garments made, designed and constructed in this blessed island of Bali, we aim to contribute to the local economy by supporting small local producers in the process, while also reducing waste, landfill and our overall carbon footprint.

Designed to Last
At Bali yoga shop, we’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials and manufacturers for our timeless products.

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