Re-vamping our Dewi Sita Shop


We considered our shop renovation plan as our special project we were starting from scratch.

The objective of our revamping project is to create a modern and ergonomic interior design yet not losing our ‘Balinese’ character. A fusion of styles, an exquisite and eclectic collection of custom decor adds to the overall ambience of our concept.

We started by thinking as welcoming a friend to our home. With a Balinese traditional wooden door, ‘Gebyok’ as our focal point, we want everyone who step in our shop to feel the classic Balinese vibe, while also experience the psychological side of ergonomic design. Our definition of ergonomic design aims to create a safe, comfortable and productive retail shop by understanding the interactions between humans and every element in our shop. Hence, we use wall-mounted clothing hangers, open shelvings, and exposed concrete to simplify things – in order to maximize our space.


Dewi Sita Street, is a one-way street that links two main streets in Ubud, Hanoman Street and Monkey Forest Street. Dewi Sita Street in known by its unique, artisan shops and cafes. At our Dewi Sita shop, we’re not only selling yoga products, but also lifestyle products. We adapt the term of ‘Athleisure’ wear – casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Still and all, we remain committed to our vision to empower local producers through localised manufacturing, fair wage, human impact on the environment and social responsibility. From our ‘On-the-Mat’ to ‘Off-the-Mat’ collection, from leggings to jumpsuit, we use 100% cotton material to provide much more comfort.

You can also find small accessories, jewelry and body products, such as body oil, body mist and lotion – all locally made!


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