Hoops for Children

As we decided to set up our mission to contribute to our local neighbourhood and communities, this Hoops for Children was our pilot project with the intention of making a local impact. Hoops for Children aims to help children have fun while gaining confidence and determination through hula hooping. We donated our hula hoops to two foundations located in Ubud, Yayasan Anak Bali and Yayasan Sjaki Tari Us so that the children can continue to use them.

Yayasan Anak Bali is a non-profit organisation which helps and guides more than 250 children in their studies, through formal and informal education, from primary school to high school, while also concerning infrastructure and environment. Sjaki Tari Us also a non-profit organisation with a focus on children with mental disability. Sjaki Tari Us aims to share knowledge and experience with teachers and parents in counselling and to educate children with mental disability.

Although we know hula hooping will not solve the children education problem within Bali, we believe it will help the children who are caught up in it. Not only will it put a smile on their faces, but it will allow them to be children, leaving them feeling determined and confident, with all the hoops that they need to continue learning and having fun.

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